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We all enjoy the opportunity to have a gamble once in a while and for many people who don’t want to visit casinos or the race track they instead opt to participate in the US lottery each week. The first kind of its kind was made available back in the early 1800’s and these were privately run. Whereas the ones that are available today which US citizens may participate in are state run. However, not every single state in the US does actually have its own lottery and as of 2008 there were currently only 43 states where such are available.

But before the introduction of state sponsored lotteries in the US there were a great number of illegal ones that you could participate in if you wished. In fact it took nearly 100 years for the first state level one to be organised, and this was established in 1934 in Puerto Rico. This run for more than 30 years when finally the state of New Hampshire then decided to set up its own as well.

Since the first state sponsored lottery was set up we have seen other changes taking place in relation to the running of these. In 1985 saw the formation of the first interstate US lottery and which linked New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont together where residents of these states could participate together.

After the formation of this type of lottery then in 1988 we saw the formation of the Multi State Lottery Association (referred to as MUSL). The states which were the charter members of this association included the likes of Iowa, Kansas, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Missouri, The District of Columbia and Oregon.

As a result of the formation of this association a new type of lottery game was devised. This we know today as “Powerball”. It has been designed to allow for the building up of very large jackpots. Certainly this particular form of lottery has seen some rather large jackpots being won the largest of all were one in 2006 which totalled $365 million. It was just one ticket that one this amount and was purchased in Nebraska. However, the ticket was brought by a syndicate and the 8 members of it chose to take the cash option resulting in them receiving just over $177 million.

It was another 8 years before a further interstate lottery game was set up this time it was the states of Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia and Massachusetts who set up theirs in 1996. The interstate lottery game that you can play in these is known today as “Mega Millions” however before this it was known as “The Big Game”.

However this particular interstate US lottery didn’t remain with just these six states being involved, over the next 9 years a further 12 states chose to join this one. In 1999 New Jersey joined, followed by New York, Ohio and Washington in 2002, then came Texas in 2003 and finally in 2005 California chose to join this one.

Today when it comes to us playing any type of US lottery game we don’t need to limit ourselves to those in the state in which we live. With the advent of the internet there are numerous sites including the likes of where we can play anyone we wish. Also through many of these sites you have the opportunity to very quickly check how your numbers may have done without the need to actually go to your local store where you may have originally purchased your tickets from.

The great thing about some of these sites including the likes of is that should you register with them they allow you to input the numbers you have chosen. Then you can go in and see how they are doing. This will then allow you the opportunity to decide if you want to change the numbers you have.

Of course another great advantage to joining such sites is that you can get involved with other like minded souls who enjoy a bit of fun. This is a site that has community pages dedicated to the various different state lotteries. Plus you may find some very useful advice when you want to play any of these US lottery games.

We all of course dream of holding that winning ticket and this may be something that could come true for you. It is worth considering when you visit a site like to use the feature under tools that will allow you to generate what you consider to be your own lucky numbers. However with this tool you don’t need to leave it to chance you have several options about the kinds of numbers that get chosen for you. So of course there is an increased chance that the numbers you do have selected for you are the ones that will end up winning you that all important jackpot.

However if you would rather not leave it to chance when it comes to selecting your US lottery numbers then there are other options available to you. With they have a feature where you can quickly search through previous results to determine what numbers have offered the most opportunities to people to become richer than they ever dreamed possible. With this feature as well as showing you how often a certain number has been drawn it will show you when it last came up.

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