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Across the USA every week millions of people spend a small sum in the purchase of state lottery tickets. However, not every single state within the USA allows this form of gambling to take place. As of 2008 only 43 of the 50 states that USA is made up of allow lotteries to take place.

So why do these states allow them to be played? Below we take a look at some of the reasons that these states have chosen for allowing people who live in them to play them.

Reason 1 – The main reason is that it helps to provide them with additional revenue. What one needs to remember that not all the money paid for tickets will then be returned to those whose numbers come up. On average only around 50% of the total monies collected will then be distributed to those people who have all or some of the lottery numbers drawn on their ticket.

Reason 2 – The actual cost of setting them up initially can be quite high. However the costs of running them is quite small as the tickets that we receive can be mass produced. So of course large quantities mean that the state in which the games are being played won’t need to spend so much money on the purchase of them.

Reason 3 – As this provides the state with an additional form of revenue they don’t need to rely so heavily on taxing the people and businesses that reside in them. As a result there is less chance of the person who governs the state from being ousted from their position when an election takes place.

Reason 4 – A great deal of the money that will be raised through people buying lottery tickets means that the upkeep of important facilities can be maintained. When it comes to a large number of the state lottery games a large amount of the money that they collect will then be used to assist schools.

Reason 5 – In a lot of cases because of the current economic situation many US states have been faced with revenue shortfalls. So of course the budgets that they have set themselves in the previous year cannot be met as a result of not so much money coming in through the payment of taxes due to people losing their jobs or businesses having to fold.

As already mentioned at present there are still certain states in the USA which have not chosen to provide their residents with the opportunity to participate in lottery games. The states that currently do not allow this form of gambling include Alaska, Alabama, Hawaii, Arkansas, Mississippi, Utah and Nevada.

The main reason why the state of Nevada has not allowed for the setting up of a State lottery game is down to the fact that they feel it will interfere with their biggest industry, namely the casinos. In fact since 1975, 24 proposals have been put forward to set up a lottery and each time one has been declined even before the residents of this state have had an opportunity to have their say.

However, in 2007 a bill made it through to the House of Representatives but which has not yet been acted upon. So of course this still means that the residents of Nevada have not had the opportunity to decide if they want a state lottery or not.

If you are someone who does live in a state where the lottery cannot be played then you can if you want to. In most cases you simply have to log onto the official lottery websites for a particular state. Then it is simply a case of following the instructions that will allow you to then purchase your own state lottery tickets. The great thing is that you won’t actually need to visit the state that has the lottery you want to play in as these websites have the facilities that allow you to purchase them online instead.

Of course when it comes to purchasing your state lottery tickets you can use numbers that you have selected yourself. The other thing of course you could do if you are unsure what numbers you should be selecting then there are numerous websites now available that a facility that will generate numbers for you instead.

With these sites they simply ask you to provide some basic information and then choose the kinds of numbers that you want to be included in your choices. Some sites like allow you to opt for them generating numbers that have appeared most frequently in the draws for the various lotteries that the states have set up. They also generate numbers for you in relation to a special date (your birthday). However, although they do ask for your birthday details you can if you wish put in those of someone special to you instead.

However if you would prefer to get your state lottery numbers through pure luck then why not check the box where it says you leave it to chance. Of course there is still the chance that the numbers that are chosen for you are unlikely to be the ones that will help you win the jackpot. But having the option to play them week after week is up to you or you could in fact decide to generate a whole new set of numbers in the future.

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