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Add all three numbers for each game. If all three numbers total 7, 11, or 21 in a single game, win PRIZE shown for that game.'

Overall odds: 1 in 3.73
Ticket Price: $1

Goin' Green:

Match 3 like amounts, win that amount. Match 2 like amounts and a "RECYCLE" symbol, win DOUBLE that amount.

Bonux Box: Reveal an "EARTH" in the bonus box, win $15 instantly!

Overall odds: 1 in 3.81
Ticket Price: $2


Goin' Green

Lucky Roulette:

Scratch to reveal YOUR BETS and YOUR SPINS. Match any of YOUR BETS to YOUR SPINS in the same SPIN, win the prize shown for that SPIN.

Overall odds: 1 in 3.03
Ticket Price: $5

Lucky Roulette

Crazy Wild 10's:

If any one or more of YOUR NUMBERS match any of the WILD NUMBERS, win the prize shown below your matching number(s). Reveal a (WILD) symbol and win $10 automatically! Reeal a (CRAZY) symbol and win 10 times that prize automatically!

Overall odds: 1 in 2.83
Ticket Price: $10

Crazy Wild 10's

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