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Gold Rush:

Get caught up in the fever of Gold Rush with this always popular Scratch & Win game. Each ticket features one of twelve scenes from the days when the promise of gold had people travelling from far and wide to get in on the action! 

The only place you have to go is to your nearest Lottery Ticket Center to be part of this Gold Rush action. At only $1 per ticket, you have the chance to win $10,000. 

Finished scratching the main play area? Don't stop there - Pan Again for the chance to win up to $500. 

Overall chances to win a prize on a $1 - Gold Rush are 1:5.09.



You loved it then…you’ll love it now! 

PAC-MAN, the best-selling arcade game in history, will energize youthful memories as you travel through a maze to find prizes that could win up to $25,000!

Overall chances to win a prize on a $2 - Pac-Man are 1:3.24.

Play Instructions

Scratch the Pac-Man symbol in the play area at the word “START” to reveal a shaded Pac-Man symbol. Continue scratching in the direction of the revealed Pac-Man symbol or arrow as shown in the DIRECTION legend. 

Keep scratching in the direction as indicated by the Pac-Man symbol or arrow to reveal the path through the play area. The path revealed ends at an exit spot ie. “?”. 

If the exit spot “?” contains a prize amount, win that prize. If within the revealed path you find three (3) identical symbols, you win the prize for that symbol as shown in the PRIZE LEGEND.


Bonus Bingo:

A $5 Bingo ticket featuring top prizes of $75,000 and 12 Player's Cards inside. Players can win up to 3 times on a single ticket. Prizes range from $5 to $75,000.

Overall chances to win a prize on a $5 - Bonus Bingo are 1:2.58.

Play Instructions

Each ticket will contain a “Caller’s Card” with twenty-five numbers plus three “Bonus” numbers. Each ticket will also contain 12 “Player’s Cards” each containing twenty-four numbers plus a free square. Each “Player’s Card” will be covered by transparent latex. 

A player will be required to uncover the twenty-five numbers (plus three Bonus Numbers) on the “Caller’s Card” and to find the same numbers on any of the twelve “Player’s Cards”. Should the player find a horizontal, vertical or diagonal straight line, all four corners or an “X”, they win the corresponding prize according to the legend of the respective playing card (i.e. if they uncover four corners in Card #3, they win $10). 

Lucky Numbers 
Scratch the LUCKY NUMBERS. If three (3) or more LUCKY NUMBERS match numbers in the CALLER’S CARD including BONUS NUMBERS, win the corresponding prize in the LEGEND. LUCKY NUMBERS not found in the CALLER’S CARD or BONUS NUMBERS may be used for continued play on CARDS 1 through 12.

Bonus Bingo

Mega Crossword:

A $5 crossword ticket featuring a top prize of $75,000 and 3 “Fast Cash Bonus” play areas inside. Players can win up to 6 times on a single ticket. Prizes range from $5 to $75,000.

Overall chances to win a prize on a $5 - Mega Crossword are 1:2.58.

Play Instructions


Each ticket will contain “Call Letters” (eighteen letters under opaque latex cover), three Crossword Puzzles (11x11 grids under transparent latex) and three Instant Win play areas. A player will be required to uncover the eighteen letters in the “Call Letters”. 

The player then reveals any of those same letters found on any of the “Crossword Puzzles”. Should the player uncover at least 3 complete words in any one “Crossword Puzzle”, the player wins the corresponding prize found in the Prize Legend. 

Fast Cash Bonus 
A player will also scratch the three Fast Cash Bonus play areas and if they find a “winning” prize message in any one of the play areas, they win the prize shown.

Mega Crossword
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