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Draw Date: 01/25/2012
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Draw Date: 06/21/2017 PAID: $64 MM
14 - 46 - 61 - 65 - 68 » 13
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Draw Date: 06/21/2017 PAID: $0.15 MM
15 - 16 - 19 - 22 - 30
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Draw Date: 06/21/2017 PAID: $8.7 MM
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Draw Date: 06/23/2017 PAID: $134 MM
12 - 20 - 53 - 66 - 74 » 11
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Draw Date: 06/23/2017
5 - 1 - 1
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Draw Date: 06/23/2017
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Draw Date: 06/23/2017
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It's Deja Vu for $50,000 Lottery winner from Bellingham
Washington - 05/18/2017
A man from Bellingham is $50,000 richer after purchasing a winning “$40 Million Mega Multiplier” Scratch ticket while at a local Haggen READ MORE

Renton Woman Walks into Safeway for a Coke, Leaves with Winning Powerball Ticket
Washington - 04/01/2017
Renton resident Karen Guilbeault is $50,000 richer after she stopped by Safeway READ MORE

Camano Island Resident to Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary in Hawaii after $70,000 Lottery Win
Washington - 02/26/2017
A vacation to “the Aloha State” is in store for a man from Camano Island after a trip to the Stanwood ampm (26930 104th Drive NW, Stanwood, WA 98292) resulted in a $70,000 Scratch win. READ MORE

$75,000 Lottery Winner to Help Local 4-H Chapter
Washington - 01/27/2017
Gold Bar’s Scott Kuver says he’s made his passion into a career, and thanks to his recent $75,000 Lottery win, he’s planning on helping students in the community explore their passions, too. READ MORE

Washington - 12/09/2016
A Centralia resident received an incredible holiday surprise from a “Triple 777” Scratch ticket... READ MORE

Battleground Man Takes Morning Work Break, Returns with $1 Million Lottery Prize
Washington - 10/23/2016
A man from Battleground stopped by Safeway (2615 NE 112th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98684) during his usual morning work break, when he decided to play a game of “Cash Spectacular” Scratch and won $1 million. READ MORE

Gold Bar Resident Plans to Stock Her Local Food Bank After $50,000 Scratch Win
Washington - 09/19/2016
Elizhava Lazella walked into the Gold Bar Market (109 Croft Ave W, Gold Bar, WA 98251) on Saturday, August 20 to pick up an ice cream sandwich when she decided to purchase a “Frogger” Scratch ticket. READ MORE

Washington Man Claims $25 Million Mega Millions Jackpot
Washington - 08/11/2016
On Wednesday, July 20, a Washington resident stepped forward as the winner of the $25 millionMega Millions jackpot. READ MORE

Vashon Island Lottery Winner Plans to Honor Late Husband
Washington - 07/08/2016
A Vashon Island woman is the latest Washington’s Lottery grand prize winner after winning $75,000 playing Scratch. READ MORE

$50,000 Scratch Winner Plans to Use Prize to "Pay it Forward"
Washington - 06/04/2016
When a man from Camas realized he’d just won $50,000 playing “Cash Spectacular” Scratcher knew exactly how he wanted to spend his money. READ MORE

Gig Harbor Man Plans Surprise Trip for his kids After Winning $150,000 Hit 5 Jackpot
Washington - 05/09/2016
A man from Gig Harbor is excited to surprise his two boys with a trip to Disney World after winning a $150,000 Hit 5 jackpot. READ MORE

Father Daughter Duo From Bellingham Wins $50,000 Playing Scratch
Washington - 02/27/2016
A dad and daughter from Bellingham put their money together and won $50,000 playing "High Voltage" Scratch. READ MORE

Spokane Woman Claims $100,000 Powerball Prize, Plans to Take Family on Long Awaited Trip to Disney
Washington - 01/22/2016
A Spokane woman is excited to take her three young children to Disneyworld thanks to a $100,000 win from the historic Powerball drawing on Wednesday, Jan. 13. READ MORE

Vietnam War Veteran Wins $550,000 Playing Washington's Lottery
Washington - 12/26/2015
A Vietnam War Veteran from Nine Mile Falls received very happy news when he discovered he’d won $550,000 playing Washington’s Lottery! READ MORE

Quilting Pays off for Spokane Woman, Wins $170,000 Hit 5 Jackpot
Washington - 11/20/2015
A Spokane woman, and avid quilter, has very unique ways to pick her numbers when playing Hit 5. READ MORE

Man Turns $60 Win into $500,000 Playing Washington's Lottery Scratch
Washington - 10/24/2015
An average trip to Safeway turned extraordinary for an Aberdeen man who is $500,000 richer after hitting it big playing Washington’s LotteryScratch! READ MORE

$50,000 Lottery Winner Planning Dream Getaway
Washington - 09/18/2015
Tamika Gunn of Auburn made a stop at her routine convenient store, Dollar Plus (3930 A St. SE) in Auburn on August 24, and walked out not knowing she held a “Neon 5s” Scratch ticket worth $50,000 in her hand. READ MORE

Washington Woman Wins $360K on her Lunch Break
Washington - 08/21/2015
A Monroe woman’s daily routine took an unexpected turn on July 30 when she realized she won $360,001 on a Washington’s Lottery Hit 5ticket. READ MORE

What's Better Than Milk and Cookies? A $70,000 Lottery Win
Washington - 07/24/2015
Wes LaRocque of Mount Vernon got a call from his wife on July 2 sharing the news that they won $70,000 from a Washington's Lottery Hit 5 ticket. READ MORE

Auburn Man Uses $50,000 Lottery Win to Fuel Career
Washington - 06/19/2015
Nicholas Deonigi of Auburn is excited to fuel his career as a musician thanks to his $50,000 Lottery win claimed on May 26. READ MORE

Paying it Forward Seems to Pay Off for Repeat Lottery Winner
Washington - 06/05/2015
Seattle's Ellen Kaiser continued her winning streak with a $10,000 Match 4prize on May 22 purchased from Fred Meyer (365 Renton Center Way SW) in Renton. READ MORE

Sultan Woman Checks "Win the Lottery" Off Her Bucket List
Washington - 05/01/2015
April 20 was a life-changing day for a Sultan woman who won $50,000 playing Washington's Lottery. READ MORE

Washington's Lottery Announces "Luckiest Stores" in Southwestern Washington
Washington - 03/20/2015
Washington's Lottery announced its annual list of "Luckiest Stores" READ MORE

Washington's Newest Millionaire Plans to Retire and Spend his Time Fishing
Washington - 02/20/2015
An Edgewood man is excited to fuel his hobby as a fisherman after winning $1 million playing Washington's Lottery READ MORE

$110,000 Hit 5 Winner Plans to Host Friends and Family to Watch Seahawks Play
Washington - 01/23/2015
A King County man, and faithful Seahawks fan, bought a Hit 5 ticket on January 12 and ended up winning $110,000. READ MORE

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