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Powerball Power Play Results
Draw Date: 01/25/2012
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CA$H 4
CA$H 4 Results
Draw Date: 09/22/2012
1 - 12 - 18 - 26
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2 By 2
2 By 2 Results
Draw Date: 05/17/2014
13 - 21 - 18 - 23
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Millionaires Club
Millionaires Club Results
Draw Date: 12/26/2014 PAID: $25 MM
16 - 17 - 25 - 31 - 51 » 22
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Weekly Winnings
Weekly Winnings Results
Draw Date: 10/02/2015
03 - 29 - 33 - 37
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Mega-Millions Megaplier
Mega-Millions Megaplier Results
Draw Date: 10/02/2015
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Mega Millions
Mega Millions Results
Draw Date: 06/23/2017 PAID: $134 MM
12 - 20 - 53 - 66 - 74 » 11
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Power Ball
Power Ball Results
Draw Date: 06/24/2017 PAID: $79 MM
10 - 22 - 32 - 36 - 58 » 10
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AZ-The Pick
The Pick Results
Draw Date: 06/24/2017 PAID: $3.6 MM
05 - 09 - 13 - 25 - 36 - 40
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All or Nothing Midday
All or Nothing Midday Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017
01 - 02 - 03 - 05 - 08 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 17 - 20
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Pick 5 Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017 PAID: $0.053 MM
02 - 04 - 13 - 25 - 32
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All or Nothing Evening
All or Nothing Evening Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017
03 - 05 - 07 - 08 - 10 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 16 - 19
Past Draws
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AZ-Pick 3
Pick 3 Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017
7 - 1 - 0
Past Draws
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2 by 2
2 By 2 Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017 PAID: $0.022 MM
01 - 03 - 01 - 08
Past Draws
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5 Card Cash
5 Card Cash Results
Draw Date: 06/26/2017
4C - 5C - 6C - 10D - 2S
Past Draws
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Arizona Lottery Selects Local Artist for “Dia de los Muertos” Scratchers Ticket Design
Arizona - 06/10/2017
The Arizona Lottery selected the winner of its “Dia de los Muertos” Scratchers ticket artwork competition. READ MORE

Win Arizona Coyotes Tickets and Autographed Hockey Pucks
Arizona - 04/01/2017
Arizona Cardinals team mascot Big Red, Cardinals Cheerleaders and the Arizona Lottery Street Team are taking to the road to visit Arizona cities for the annual “Cardinals Caravan” presented by the Arizona Lottery to engage with Cardinals fans throughout the state. READ MORE

California Lottery Joins Problem Gambling Awareness Month Effort
Arizona - 03/05/2017

Arizona Lottery Makes Historic $206 Million Transfer to State Beneficiaries
Arizona - 01/27/2017
From a milestone anniversary and new airport location, to the first-ever Arizona Cardinals Scratchers and a billion dollar Powerball, the Arizona Lottery had a lot to celebrate in 2016. READ MORE

Scratchers Validation Update
Arizona - 09/25/2016
On August 28th, Arizona Lottery began a technology conversion where updated systems and equipment were installed in each of our 2,900 retail locations. READ MORE

Arizona Lottery Invites Media for ribbon-cutting of New Airport Location and sneak peek of Cardinals
Arizona - 08/20/2016
Journalists will have the opportunity to sit down with representatives from the Arizona Lottery and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to learn more about the significant partnership and what the new retailer location will provide READ MORE

Phoenix Retailer Sells $8.4 Million Winning Ticket for The Pick
Arizona - 06/13/2016
An Arizona Lottery player purchased a winning ticket in west Phoenix for the $8.4 million The Pick jackpot drawing READ MORE

$2 Million Powerball Ticket Sold in Phoenix
Arizona - 04/12/2016
Arizona has another millionaire after an Arizona Lottery player purchased a $2 million winning ticket in Phoenix READ MORE

One Powerball Ticket Worth $2 Million and Three Worth $1 Million sold in Arizona
Arizona - 01/30/2016
Four Arizona Lottery players are among the country’s newest millionaires, thanks to the Wednesday, Jan. 13 Powerball drawing. READ MORE

Powerball Jackpot Hits $202 Million Just in Time for the Holidays
Arizona - 12/26/2015
? It’s a gift most people are yearning to have this holiday season – a winning ticket for the $202 million Powerball jackpot Saturday night. READ MORE

Arizona Lottery Commissioners Unanimously Endorse Director Boule's
Arizona - 11/29/2015
The five-member Arizona State Lottery Commission (Commission) voted unanimously on Friday, November 20, to endorse Executive Director Tony Bouie’s agenda for operations of the $750 million state agency. READ MORE

More than 50,000 Arizona Lottery Players Win Prizes During First Two Weeks of 5 Card Cash
Arizona - 10/31/2015
More than 50,000 Arizona Lottery players have won a 5 Card Cash prize during the first two weeks following the launch of the Arizona Lottery’s first-ever combined instant win and draw game on Sunday, October 4. READ MORE

Powerball Jackpot Soars to its Highest Point in Seven Months at $235 Million
Arizona - 09/25/2015
The Arizona Lottery announces the Powerball jackpot is the largest it has been since February at $235 million for the Sept. 23rd drawing. READ MORE

Arizona Lottery Awards Millions to Lottery Players in July
Arizona - 08/28/2015
The Arizona Lottery announces almost three million tickets were redeemed in July and Lottery players received over $33.7 million in prize winnings. READ MORE

New Arizona Lottery Beneficiaries Hit Jackpot with $1.16 Million in Support
Arizona - 07/24/2015
The Arizona Lottery is pleased to announce that a maximum of $1.16 million annually will be allocated to three new Arizona Lottery beneficiaries as a result of community need and new Arizona state legislation. READ MORE

$118.9 Million Powerball Jackpot Winning Ticket Sold in Arizona
Arizona - 06/26/2015
The Arizona Lottery announces that the $188.9 million Powerball jackpot winning ticket was sold in Glendale for last night’s drawing. READ MORE

Arizona Highways Getaway
Arizona - 06/05/2015
Purchase $5 in any Arizona Lottery ticket(s) for the opportunity to spin to win Arizona Lottery prizes and meet Arizona Highways TV host Robin Sewell. READ MORE

Mouayad Hermiz
Arizona - 05/01/2015
Mouayad Hermiz, Gilbert, purchased a Triple Red 7’s Scratchers ticket from a Lottery vending machine. READ MORE

Scratchers Win
Arizona - 03/27/2015
A Glendale man has claimed the last top prize for the $5 Lucky Life Scratchers game READ MORE

Georgialyn Woods
Arizona - 02/27/2015
Georgialyn Woods, Sedona, purchased a few Wild Crossword Scratchers at the counter of a store. READ MORE

Thomas Tiko
Arizona - 01/30/2015
Thomas Tiko, Chandler, usually buys Scratchers when he’s shopping at the supermarket. READ MORE

Gregory Pehl
Arizona - 12/20/2014
$185 Million Cash Explosion Ticket sold READ MORE

Keith Doyle: $53,000 Won
Arizona - 11/14/2014
Keith Doyle, Cave Creek, recently began to play Fantasy 5 on a regular basis. READ MORE

Deborah Pirong: $271,000 on Fantasy 5
Arizona - 10/17/2014
Deborah Pirong, Phoenix, purchased a Quick Pick for the Fantasy 5 October 11 drawing. READ MORE

Million Dollar Cash Bonanza Ticket sold
Arizona - 08/22/2014
On a whim, Amber Craig, Goodyear, purchased a Million Dollar Cash Bonanza instant scratch ticket. READ MORE

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