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2/12/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 13-24-28-31-37
2/11/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 05-07-10-19-37
2/10/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 07-13-14-21-22
2/9/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 07-20-30-37-43
2/8/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 09-13-15-19-33
2/7/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 03-09-12-25-31
2/6/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 11-26-28-38-45
2/5/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 06-13-15-28-44
2/4/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 12-23-25-34-35
2/3/2016 Luckyday Lotto Midday 02-18-19-27-43
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