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Mechanicsville Man Goes out to Lunch and wins $250,000
General News - Virginia - 05/09/2016
When Arthur Eisler went out to lunch, he had a $10 winning Virginia Lottery ticket to cash in. READ MORE

keeping it in the family: Three Richmond area siblings split $100,000 prize
General News - Virginia - 04/01/2016
Jonathan Morris-Lowery of Glen Allen thought he imagined it when he saw he’d won $100,000 in the Virginia Lottery. READ MORE

Dinwiddle Couple Wins $200,000 in "Dogs Playing Poker" gme
General News - Virginia - 02/27/2016
It’s easy to understand Wanda James’ skepticism when her husband William told her, “I can’t believe it, but I think we just won $200,000!” READ MORE

Virginia Beach Man Wins $1 Million in Historic Powerball Drawing
General News - Virginia - 01/22/2016
Teofilo Mesina says he hadn’t really been buying tickets for every Powerball drawing during the historic run that took the game to a record-shattering $1.5 billion. READ MORE

Just days before Christmas, Cloucester Point Man wins $5 illion prize
General News - Virginia - 12/26/2015
“I just walked in, picked out the right ticket and won.” READ MORE

Two tickets bought in Virginia Beack win $1 million each
General News - Virginia - 11/20/2015
Last night’s Bank a Million drawing brought out the winners in Virginia Beach! READ MORE

Is it a Lucky Store?
General News - Virginia - 10/24/2015
Some people might think the Express Mart at 203 South Main Street in Woodstock is a lucky store. READ MORE

Electrician in Shock After Winning $100,000
General News - Virginia - 09/18/2015
The first clue Richard Hudson got that he’d won big in the Virginia Lottery was when the store clerk told him he couldn’t cash his ticket because the prize was greater than $600. READ MORE

Reston Woman wins $100,000 in Cash 5
General News - Virginia - 08/21/2015
Jacqueline Westenoff doesn’t play the Lottery often. But once was all it took when she matched all five numbers in Cash 5 to win $100,000. READ MORE

Hampton Woman Takes Top Prize in Cash 5
General News - Virginia - 07/24/2015
Effie Whitehead has a routine. Each morning the Hampton woman goes to buy a newspaper and play the Virginia Lottery’s Cash 5 game. READ MORE

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