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Player Wins a $2,000,000 top Prize
General News - Ohio - 09/12/2015
A Columbus woman has won Lottery prizes before, but never one quite this big. READ MORE

Sandusky Woman Cashes in on $500 Million Spectacular
General News - Ohio - 08/15/2015
Patricia Weaver of Sandusky is ready for some fun with her family after scratching a $500 Million Spectacular instant ticket for a $50,000 win. READ MORE

Work Travel Through Ohio Yields Big Win for New Yorker
General News - Ohio - 07/16/2015
Driving a truck for a living takes Stibert Henry of Wheatley Heights, New York through many states, but he says Ohio is his favorite place to play lottery games. READ MORE

Jackson Man Claims $500,000 Prize
General News - Ohio - 06/19/2015
Jacob Hull of Jackson is a loyal Ohio Lottery player, and his biggest win was $1,000 until today. READ MORE

Steubenville Woman Wins $1,000,000
General News - Ohio - 05/29/2015
Carolyn Keras of Steubenville matched five numbers without the Mega Ball in the May 8, 2015 Mega Millions drawing to win $1,000,000. READ MORE

Sandusky Man Wins $1,000,000
General News - Ohio - 04/24/2015
Jon Thomson of Sandusky made the drive to the Ohio Lottery’s central office Wednesday to claim his $1,000,000 prize on the instant ticket, $500,000,000 Spectacular. READ MORE

North Canton Resident Claims Rolling Cash 5 Jackpot Prize
General News - Ohio - 04/17/2015
Scott DeStefano of North Canton matched all five numbers in the April 12 Rolling Cash 5 drawing to win the game’s $100,000 jackpot prize. READ MORE

Chillicothe Resident Claims $1-million Poweball Prize
General News - Ohio - 03/13/2015
Charles DeBord of Chillicothe and his wife travelled to the Ohio Lottery’s Columbus regional office this week to claim the $1-million ticket sold in the Feb. 28 Powerball drawing. READ MORE

East Palestine Man Claims Rolling Cash 5 Jackpot
General News - Ohio - 02/20/2015
Douglas Logan, 53, of East Palestine has claimed the $493,000 jackpot prize READ MORE

Winner Claims $500,000
General News - Ohio - 01/09/2015
A resident of Vermilion will start his New Year in the money. READ MORE

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