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Michael D.
General News - Indiana - 03/10/2017
Indiana’s latest Cash 5 jackpot winner has seen a lot — he’s visited all 50 states — but he had never seen a winning lottery jackpot ticket in his own hands. READ MORE

Porter County woman wins $20,000 2nd Chance prize
General News - Indiana - 02/04/2017
Barbara Pierce regularly enjoys playing Hoosier Lottery games, so when her caller I.D. recently displayed “Hoosier Lottery,” she knew she should answer the call. READ MORE

Indianapolis woman wins $77,777 on Scratch-off
General News - Indiana - 12/23/2016
The win comes three months after the tragic death of her husband. READ MORE

Indy woman rushes to Hoosier Lottery after winning $77,777 top prize
General News - Indiana - 11/03/2016
Angelique Hibbler wasted no time after she discovered she won a top prize of $77,777 on a $5 Gold 7s Scratch-off ticket. READ MORE

Hoosier Lottery Celebrates Indiana’s Bicentennial!
General News - Indiana - 10/01/2016
The Hoosier Lottery would like to invite players to join in Indiana’s Bicentennial celebration. READ MORE

$4.5 million jackpot hit in Indianapolis
General News - Indiana - 08/26/2016
Hoosier Lottery players will want to check their tickets carefully. Someone is holding a Hoosier Lotto with +PLUS ticket worth millions, and may not know it yet. READ MORE

Grant County Powerball ticket set to expire
General News - Indiana - 07/23/2016
Time is running out. A $50,000 winning Powerball ticket purchased in Grant County for the Jan. 23, 2016 Powerball drawing is set to expire. READ MORE

Clark County Powerball ticket set to expire
General News - Indiana - 06/20/2016
Time is running out. READ MORE

Top prizes on new Scratch-off are tax free - and there's 135 of them!
General News - Indiana - 04/17/2016
If you win one of the $10,000 top prizes on the Hoosier Lottery's newest Scratch-off, the Hoosier Lottery will pay the taxes for you! READ MORE

William Blair
General News - Indiana - 02/05/2016
William “Garnet” Blair of Anderson was watching the Oct. 21 Powerball drawing on FOX 59 when he received a $200,000 surprise. READ MORE

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