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Great News for a Great-Grandmother When She Discovered She Won $30,000 in the Delaware Lottery’s HOT
General News - Delaware - 10/30/2016
After working years as a bus aid for autistic children, an 86-year-old Newark woman experienced good karma this fall when she won $30,000 in the Delaware Lottery’s October 19 HOT LOTTO drawing by matching 5 white balls. READ MORE

Kent County Store Manager Wins $50,000 Playing Money Madness
General News - Delaware - 10/01/2016
A 44-year-old grocery store manager from Dover, Delaware, scratched his way to a $50,000 prize playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Money Madness. READ MORE

Delaware Native Wins $20,000 Playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, More Money
General News - Delaware - 08/20/2016
A 49-year-old woman from Camden, Delaware, was surprised to learn that she scratched her way to the top prize playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, More Money. READ MORE

2016 Winners Convenience Store Stop Leads to Big $100,000 Cash Reserve Win
General News - Delaware - 07/16/2016
A 40-year-old woman who plays the Lottery with her husband and dreamed of “winning big” can finally say her dream has become a reality. READ MORE

2016 Winners Lucky Winner Claims Top Prize of $50,000 Playing Maximum Money
General News - Delaware - 06/20/2016
A 62-year-old security guard and loyal Lottery player won $50,000 after playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Maximum Money. READ MORE

2016 Winners Newark Native Wins Top Prize Playing Delaware Lottery’s Mega Bucks
General News - Delaware - 05/14/2016
A 60-year-old retiree from Newark, Delaware, won a top prize of $50,000 playing the Delaware Lottery’s Instant Game, Mega Bucks. READ MORE

Delaware Man Wins $10,000 After Playing Delaware Lottery’s New Instant Game, Quarter Million Large
General News - Delaware - 04/12/2016
A 56-year-old self-employed man from Frederica, Delaware, won $10,000 from playing the Delaware Lottery’s new Instant Game, Quarter Million Large. READ MORE

Wilmington Woman Wins Top Prize of $25,000 Playing Cash Funds Game
General News - Delaware - 01/30/2016
A 21-year-old single Wilmington woman was a $25,000 winner in the Delaware Lottery’s CASH FUNDS instant game. READ MORE

Retired State Employee Ends the Year with $10,000 Lottery Win
General News - Delaware - 01/03/2016
Myrai Johnson, a 79-year-old retired state employee from Wilmington, Delaware, has ended 2015 on a high note after winning $10,000 from Delaware Lottery’s KENO. READ MORE

Rehoboth Beach Native Takes Home $50,004 Playing Powerball
General News - Delaware - 11/29/2015
A 57-year-old retired Delmarva Power employee from Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, won $50,004 playing the POWERBALL READ MORE

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