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January 6, 2017

Abdel (Joe) Manasra of Albuquerque claimed $72,500 in Pick 3 prizes on December 13, 2016. This is a record Pick 3 prize for any one New Mexico player for one drawing. It consists of 145 winning tickets for the Pick 3 December 12 EVE Draw. The winning numbers, 6-1-4 were Mr. Manasra’s father’s P.O. Box. He’s played them for years.

On December 12, Nick’s lucky numbers of 8-1-2 came up for the Pick 3 DAY Draw. But he hadn’t bought a ticket. Joe saw Nick’s numbers come up and “just had a feeling” – so he bought 150 ‘Straight’ Pick 3 tickets with his lucky numbers… and went to bed.Joe Manasra arrived at Lottery Headquarters with his best friend, Nicolae (Nick) Spilca. Nick takes credit for teaching Joe ‘how’ to play Pick 3. They each play their favorite numbers. Nick’s are 8-1-2, and Joe’s are 6-1-4. And they always buy more than one ticket for a drawing. “Never buy just one,” Nick told Joe.

Around 11 pm, Joe Manasra’s phone rang, waking him up. It was Nick Spilca. Nick simply said, “Joe! Six. One. Four.” Joe replied “Don’t joke with this.” Nick told him he was not joking and hung up to recheck the numbers. Nick called Joe back and said, “It’s 6-1-4!” If Joe had bought one ticket for the draw, it would have been a $500 win. However, he bought 150 tickets for that draw with the numbers 6-1-4, which equated to $75,000 in winnings. (Joe gave five of the winning tickets to Nick.)

Joe and his wife woke up their kids. At first, the kids didn’t believe it. But it didn’t take long for them to put in their Christmas requests.

Joe Manasra is already a winner. His oldest child is currently a Legislative Lottery Scholarship recipient. Mr. Manasra is also the owner of Manasra Chevron at 2124 ‎San Mateo Blvd. NE in Albuquerque‎, where he purchased his tickets.


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