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December 23, 2016

A stop for snacks last week ended up being lucky for a Davenport man.

Larry Hepner said he stopped on his way home from work Friday at Expresslane, 3636 Hickory Grove Road in Davenport for some snacks and he decided to buy a lottery ticket as well.

That decision ended up being in his favor as his "$50,000 Holiday Super Crossword" scratch ticket won the sixth of 13 top prizes of $50,000 available in the game.

The 29-year-old diesel mechanic said he scratched off his ticket when he got home and was confident that he'd won a big prize.

"I was pretty sure after I counted it several times," Hepner told lottery employees the same day as he claimed his prize at the lottery's regional office in Cedar Rapids. "Then I had to call my sister over to come verify before I drove to the gas station and look like a moron."

A clerk at Expresslane also confirmed Hepner's big win and started celebrating with him.

"The girl had goosebumps and was shaking herself," he said.

Hepner said he plans to use a majority of his lottery winnings to make some upgrades to his home and save the rest.

The $50,000 Holiday Super Crossword scratch game is a $5 ticket. More details about how to play this and other scratch games, and the number of prizes still up for grabs in it can be found on our website.

The Moosletoe Doubler scratch game is one of eleven holiday tickets that can be entered online in the "Jingle Bills" Play It Again promotion for a chance to win $1,000 cash. Entries are good only for the $1,000 drawing in which they are entered. Each entry is also eligible for the $20,000 Grand Prize drawing, as long as it is not selected as a winner of a $1,000 prize. For rules and complete details, visit

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