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October 30, 2016

On his way home from the doctor’s office on September 13, Frank Derfield decided he’d stop near his San Francisco home and pick up a few of the brand new (at the time) 100X the Money Scratchers games. He won $100,000 playing the California Lottery last summer – so honestly what were the chances he would win one of the 100X the Money top prizes of $5 million? Well…you guessed it!

“It was shock. Disbelief. I definitely defied the odds a lot more this time!” Derfield said – still dazed by the fact he did indeed defy nearly 1 in 3,000,000 odds this time to win $5 million! “I had to call two friends over to the house to help calm me down!”

In July 2015, Derfield defied nearly 1 in 700,000 odds when he won a second-place prize of $100,000 playing an Ultimate Riches Scratchers ticket. The 53-year-old says that cash helped pay for his wedding this past April. “Which is why I don’t complain when he has a big pocket-full of Scratchers,” his wife (who wishes to remain anonymous because of her line of work) admitted with a big laugh.

And now 14 months later, Derfield has won 50-times that amount – a whopping $5 million. Interestingly he didn’t even bother scratching the ticket, “because I don’t like messing up my fingers!” Instead, he decided to just cut to the chase by scanning the barcode to see if he’d won anything. Derfield is no rookie! “I’ve been playing the Lottery since ’84!”

Oh, and did we mention he purchased both of his winning tickets at the same San Francisco Lottery retailer? That’s correct! Derfield purchased his Ultimate RichesScratchers from last year and his 100X the Money game from last month at WC. Liquor & Groceries, which is located at 1836 Divisadero Street in The City. “You guys (California Lottery) have Lucky [Retailers]!” We sure do!

Since the win is worth $5 million – Derfield’s favorite (and lucky) retailer wins too! It will be receiving a $25,000 bonus just for selling that winning ticket. Derfield admits he buys Lottery tickets at other San Francisco retailers, but likes the Divisadero Street spot because it’s near his favorite “watering hole.”

You think of the odds of winning a large amount of money just once – but twice?! “I wish I can tell you…it’s just stupid luck. It’s just weird,” Derfield said, trying to explain his amazing streak.

The part-time temp at a San Francisco law firm not surprisingly admits his and his wife’s lives are going to change. “We’re too old to go out and party too much. So we’re going to bank it, go on a trip – maybe get rid of my ‘85 Toyota Camry; or maybe a house, but I don’t know…San Francisco, the housing market is crazy here!”

And what about Derfield trying to continue his incredible lucky streak by playing more Scratchers games?! “We’re going to have to talk about it. I’m thinking I may have used up all my ‘ying.’ All my luck may be used up at this point!”

The 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X the Money family of Scratchers are part of the Lottery’s continued effort to give out more prizes, create more winners and earn more money for California public education. For more information on the game and how to play, click here. Multiply your luck!

And keep in mind, the winning doesn’t stop there! Like all Lottery Scratchers, 10X, 20X, 50X and 100X the Money Scratchers come with a second chance to win another great prize of up to $25,000 during our weekly draw. Just subscribe to our 2nd Chance Program and submit any non-winning Scratchers ticket code for a chance to win.

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