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May 28, 2016
For the second time in less than a week, a New Hampshire Lottery retailer has sold a top-prize winning $100,000 Tri-State “Gimme 5” ticket. This latest winner was sold at Short Stop Jolley at 97 North Main Street in West Lebanon for last night’s (5/23) drawing. Last week, Adam Wochna of Merrimack claimed a winning $100,000 Gimme 5 ticket for the drawing on May 18. Wochna bought his winning ticket at the 7-Eleven at 730 Daniel Webster Highway in Merrimack.
“Two top-prize Gimme 5 winners in New Hampshire in less than a week—this is incredible. When it comes to Gimme 5, New Hampshire means lucky!” said Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission. “Gimme 5 is the only game that gives players three chances every week to take home $100,000. We can’t wait to meet our latest top-prize winner!”
The winning numbers from last night’s Gimme 5 drawing were: 16-21-22-24-33.
This latest Gimme 5 winner marks the fifth top prize winning ticket sold in New Hampshire so far this year. There have now been 22 top prize winning Gimme 5 tickets sold in New Hampshire since the game launched in May 2013.
Tri State Gimme 5 is offered in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. With New Hampshire’s Gimme 5 winner last night, there have now been a total of 37 Gimme 5 top prize winners between the three states since the game launched four years ago.
Gimme 5 top prize winners receive $75,000 after taxes, according to McIntyre.
Gimme 5 players choose five numbers from 1 to 39, or ask for an Easy Pick. If players match all five winning numbers, they win the top prize of $100,000. Match four winning numbers and win $250, match three winning numbers and win $7, and match 2 winning numbers and win $2. Tickets cost $1. Gimme 5 drawings take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6:55 p.m.
Along with Gimme 5 and Megabucks, Tri-State games include Tri-State Pick3/Pick4 Daily Numbers games and Fast Play games.
About New Hampshire Lottery
Since 1964, the New Hampshire Lottery has had a significant financial impact on the state. For the past 51 years, the New Hampshire Lottery has recorded almost $6.0 billion in lottery sales and other earnings, with over $3.8 billion being paid in prizes and other cost of sales. Net proceeds to education total more than $1.7 billion to date.

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