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May 24, 2016
It’s fairly common for Carolyn Howard’s husband, John, to gift her Missouri Lottery Scratchers tickets for birthdays, anniversaries and other holidays. Carolyn’s 65th birthday on May 13 proved to be one of the best after her husband gifted her a “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket” Scratchers game containing a $50,000 prize.
“My husband bought the ticket and gave it to me on Wednesday, when we celebrated my birthday,” began Howard, adding that she isn’t as lucky as her husband.
While playing her ticket, the Neosho resident uncovered the “gold coin” symbol, which automatically awards the corresponding prize. In Carolyn’s case, that prize was $50,000.
“It took a couple minutes for me to realize it; I was definitely in shock. We were both very excited,” said Howard. “He (John) will usually buy me a ticket on any special occasion, and usually those (tickets) are when we do win something.”
Howard went on to say that her “lucky” husband has won $1,000 prizes and home furnishings through the Lottery’s Points for Drawings program before.
“This prize is totally mine, though. I get that,” laughed the great-grandmother.
Howard had yet to make any outright plans for her prize other than devoting some of the prize towards savings. The Neosho resident confirmed that her husband plans to continue purchasing Lottery tickets for special occasions, saying, “He’s got to make me a millionaire!”
Howard’s husband purchased the winning ticket from Kum & Go, 15679 Kodiak Road, in Neosho.
Introduced in honor of the Lottery’s 30th anniversary, the “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket” Scratchers game offers the most prizes of any game in the Lottery’s history. The ticket currently offers more than $276 million in remaining prizes, including two $10 million top prizes and multiple $1 million prizes. Players can also enter their non-winning “$300,000,000 Golden Ticket” games into the “Golden Ticket” second-chance promotion for additional opportunities to win prizes up to $1 million.
Additional information about all Missouri Lottery Scratchers games, prizes and promotions can be found here at 

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