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May 24, 2016
The Louisiana Lottery was recently recognized as top of its class by an international industry group, Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI), for having the highest year-over-year increase in net revenue transferred to its beneficiary among any lottery.

Lotteries operate in the business world of product development and distribution, marketing and sales, and competition, but their mission is to create funding for good causes, emphasized Paul Jason, CEO of PGRI.  "Whether those proceeds are set aside for education, amateur sports, health, care for the elderly, or even the general fund that is the source of all government services, the billions of dollars in funds generated by lotteries worldwide fill public needs that may likely not be met otherwise," he said. 

Louisiana Lottery President Rose Hudson attended PGRI’s SMART-Tech conference in April where she accepted the Sharon Sharp Award for Good Causes on behalf of the Lottery. Named in memory of a longtime industry veteran who was passionate about the mission of lotteries, this award recognizes and honors the lottery which achieves the highest percentage increase in net funds contributed to its beneficiary.

"This award speaks to the heart of why lotteries exist in the first place -- to maximize funds contributed to our beneficiaries," explained Hudson. "The top line can fluctuate, but regardless, the true measure of a lottery’s success is what has been done for the good causes that it supports while promoting a responsible approach to recreational gaming.  The Louisiana Lottery is proud to be selected to receive this award."

Louisiana’s state constitution directs at least 35 percent of Lottery sales to be transferred to the treasury and dedicated to K-12 public education. That is the highest mandated transfer percentage in the nation.
"The leadership of Rose Hudson and the performance of Team Louisiana Lottery are an inspiration for all lotteries across the globe," said Jason. 

Besides being honored with an award, the proof of the Lottery’s top-of-class performance is also in the numbers. Over the last five years the Lottery has grown scratch-off sales over 40 percent and kept administrative costs less than 5 percent of gross revenues, all of which has led to solid, steady growth in state transfers. 

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