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February 5, 2016
Planning ahead for Valentine's Day led a western Iowa woman to a big lottery prize.

Alyssa Kacmarynski of Ida Grove claimed the second of eight top prizes of $10,000 available in the lottery's new "Love Stinks or Does It?" scratch game.

On Jan. 20, Kacmarynski said she bought several "Love Stinks or Does It?" scratch tickets at her local Ida Grove Food Pride, 200 Oak Grove Drive. She said she originally intended for those scratch tickets to be a Valentine's Day gift for her boyfriend, Brett Lyon of Sioux City, but it didn't work out that way.

"I got antsy and I scratched them and I won $26," Kacmarynski told lottery employees Wednesday as she claimed her prize at the lottery's regional office in Storm Lake.

The 26-year-old said she used a portion of those winnings to buy a couple more tickets of the same game and that's when she found the big prize.

"I texted (my boyfriend) over lunch and told him I might as well just scratch them again and I scratched them and I had that $10,000 winner!" Kacmarynski said.

Kacmarynski said she first thought her eyes might be playing tricks on her, so she returned to Food Pride, where she works, to double-check her ticket.

"I had to scan it to make sure it was actually correct, that I wasn't seeing things," she said. "I won on the number '9' and I thought I was playing dyslexic in my head and it was actually a '6.'"

A lottery terminal at Food Pride confirmed Kacmarynski's $10,000-winning ticket and she said store patrons immediately starting requesting tickets in the same game.

Kacmarynski said she plans to put some of her winnings toward a summer trip to Chicago and save the rest. And what about her boyfriend, the intended recipient of those tickets?
"I'll probably give him a little bit," she said.

Love Stinks or Does It? is a $2 scratch game. More details about how to play this game, and the number of prizes still up for grabs in it can be found on our website.

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