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December 4, 2015
Gregory Popham, 62, of Crestview Hills, KY loves to bowl in his free time.  While at LaRu Bowling Alley in Highland Heights on Monday, Gregory bought a Cash Ball ticket for the November 9, 2015 drawing.  He’d tucked the ticket inside his bowling shoe, securing it in a locker at the bowling alley with the plans to check it later in the week.  It was Glenn Schmidt, the owner of the bowling alley, who called Gregory the morning after the drawing to ask him if he’d checked his tickets and telling him they’d sold a $200,000 ticket.  “He knew I’d played Cash Ball and thought it could be me that had won,” Gregory said. 
Gregory never imagined that he would actually have the winning ticket.  Gregory went by the bowling alley while on his lunch to take a look.  Glenn read the winning numbers off while Gregory looked at the numbers on his ticket.  “When I read my numbers, reality set in and I did believe it then. Gregory told lottery officials, “I, then, began to get very sweaty,” he said.   
Gregory, who serves as a police officer for Campbell County, is married and has five children and two grand-children.  Gregory chose the numbers on his Cash Ball ticket by using birthdays of his children and grandchildren.
Gregory and his wife Cheryl would like to use some of the winnings towards a family vacation.  Three of their children live away so they’d like to get everyone together.  They also plan to set some aside for retirement.  

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