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We all want the opportunity to have a little more cash in our pockets. With the current economic situation the number of people who have chosen to play the lottery in the US has increased. However unlike other countries there is actually no national lottery which citizens of the USA can participate in. Instead they have lotteries that the various states allow them to participate in instead.

Generally the kinds of lotteries that we can participate in today are where a fixed percentage of the receipts received are then given back to those whose numbers are drawn. One large amount of these receipts will be provided to those whose numbers match exactly those that are drawn. Then smaller amounts of the money collected initially will then be given to those who have some but not all of the numbers that were drawn. In most cases today around 50% of the total receipts collected will then be paid out to those who find that they have won.

For quite some time when the lotteries first began people were given numbers. However, over the years changes have occurred and as a result we have the opportunity to select our own numbers if we wish. Plus of course there is still the option when you purchase your tickets of letting the machine from which the ticket is to be produced to select the numbers for you. This is often referred to as a lucky dip ticket and the number of people who have actually found themselves receiving the jackpot because of this method has been quite high.

But if you would prefer not to rely on these machines to provide you with the best numbers possible there are numerous websites that have a number generator feature that you can use. With these sites including they will provide you with several options on how your lucky numbers will be chosen for you. They will either select numbers that are being drawn regularly or ones that don’t get drawn so often. Of course you could put in personal dates such as your birthday and they will select numbers then that relate to these for you.

As well as these websites of course helping you to find your lucky numbers they will also help you to track how they are doing. After selection of the numbers has been made you simply need to put these into the tracking feature and every time the draw takes place you will be informed as to how your numbers are doing. So should you wish to change any of them in the future as they don’t seem to be performing as well as you hoped you can.

When it comes to the possibility of us winning the main prize (jackpot) there are a number of factors that can have an effect of whether we holding the winning ones or not. Of course if you opt for choosing numbers that are drawn more frequently then there is a greater chance of you winning even a small amount of money each week. However, the odds of you winning the main prize is around 1 in 14 million.

In fact to further increase the odds of you actually winning the jackpot you would need to buy a ticket every second each day for a whole year. If you were to do this then you could actually find yourself winning this prize 2.25 times in that year. But of course think about how much you would need to spend in order to then be rewarded with winning the jackpot.

As already mentioned above although there is no National Lottery that one can participate in the USA, the method in which the jackpot winnings are paid to them is no different from those countries that do have these kinds of lotteries. If someone is lucky enough to have the exact numbers drawn and so win the jackpot they can either choose to have the money paid as a one off lump sum or they get paid a sum each year from it.

If we were to choose the one off payment then you need to understand that the sum actually presented to us would be much less than the actual jackpot figure. In many cases the total amount that a person who chooses to claim their money in this way would expect to receive is around 1/3 of the actual jackpot. So for example if the jackpot was worth around $300 million then of course they would only expect to receive $100 million, yet this isn’t a sum that should be sneezed at. The reason for the sum being so much smaller is that the person will be expected to pay taxes on the amount that was originally won.

However, if you choose the other option where you receive regular payments each year then of course you can expect to be keeping a large portion of the jackpot. In most cases those that opt to go for this method of payment will find that they receive the payments over a 10 to 40 year period.

Although the USA may not have a national lottery with state run ones there is a greater opportunity for more of us to see our dreams being fulfilled. In fact there is a greater chance of us reaping the awards especially if we don’t limit ourselves to playing the lotteries in the state where we live.

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