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Anyone who plays Mega Millions has two opportunities each week of being presented with the jackpot. Each Tuesday and Friday night at 10.12 Central Time the draws take place and can be watched on TV. However many of us tend to go out Friday nights and so will need to know how we faired the following morning when it comes to the Mega lottery.

We have several options available to us that will allow us to find the results for this particular lottery. You can of course visit the official website for the states Mega Millions or else you can use one of the many lottery websites that have been set up online. Certainly the great thing about using this second method is that you are not limited to just finding out how you did with your own states lotteries but also with other states ones as well.

What happens when the draws take place each week?

Following each draw lottery commission will look and then decide if the numbers draw have then produced a winning ticket. If at least one winning ticket has been sold then that person or person’s will receive the jackpot that is on offer. Following them being presented with this the jackpot then returns to its base figure which is $12 million.

However if no winning ticket is produced then of course the jackpot as it stands will roll over to the next draw to take place. As a result should the jackpot not be won for several weeks or months the amount that eventually could be won can grow to astronomical amounts. IN fact the largest jackpot to have been won was $390 million that was won by two tickets in 2007. One of the winners came from New York and the other from Georgia.

Although this is the most lucrative of all the lotteries that one can play in the USA today, the odds of you actually winning Mega Millions is very slim indeed. This is as a result that so many people decide to play it each week. However, although most people would like the opportunity to win the top prize there are plenty of others who are more than content with winning the smaller prizes. In fact the odds of you winning these much smaller prizes are a great deal better. So it is worth considering actually purchasing two or more tickets each week to play this particular form of lottery.

Where do I buy tickets for Mega Millions?

A lot of people still prefer the method of going to a store that has a lottery terminal in place and hand over their cash and get a ticket placed into it. However, if you find yourselves strapped for time then there are plenty of places that will allow you to purchase the tickets online instead. However if you are intending to purchase the tickets it is best to use the official Mega Millions websites for the state where you live. Plus of course you can also consider purchasing tickets from another state as well for this form of lottery. But be aware that the numbers that are drawn will apply to any Mega Million game no matter what state you are playing it in.

How do I go about selecting the numbers for the draw?

Again you have several options available to you when it comes to choosing the numbers for your Mega Millions ticket. You can of course choose numbers that you like such as those that relate to your birthday or another important date in your life. The other way of course is to ask friends and family to select the numbers for you.

But if you would prefer leave things to chance when it comes to selecting your numbers of course you could use a random number generator instead. As you will discover when you search online there are plenty of sites including the likes of that have this facility available for you to use and which will cost you nothing to do so. Whether you use the numbers that are selected is up to you, but of course these ones have been selected by a program that looks at many different variables and so as a result comes up with numbers that they feel have a higher probability of being drawn when the lottery takes place.

However if you would prefer to use your own Mega Lottery numbers then again using sites like can prove extremely beneficial as well. They have facilities that allow you to track how certain numbers do each week and this includes you being able to look back at the draws that have occurred previously. So of course this then provides you with information that will show you whether the numbers you have chosen are likely to provide you with a return on your investment or not.

Also they have the facility on these sites that allows you to be able to review not only previous results for the state where you live but for other states also. So giving you the opportunity to decide whether it would prove profitable to purchase tickets for another states Mega lottery draw or not. If you find that one states draw doesn’t have so many people purchasing tickets for it then of course by buying ones here increases the chances of you actually winning. Whereas if you live in a state where lots choose to participate of course then the chances of you winning even a small prize will be reduced.

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