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We all have a dream of being the person that has the winning lottery numbers on the ticket that we purchased. However the chances of this actually happening are around 1 in 14 million. So of course in order for us to increase the chances of winning we need to make sure that we either select the numbers that are going to be drawn or to purchase a large quantity of tickets with different number combinations on them.

So is there any way that we can enhance the chances of us actually winning the lottery? The answer to this question is yes. One such way of achieving this is by you joining a syndicate. As a member you and the others pool your entry fees together and so allowing you to purchase a large number of tickets with a number of different number combinations on them.

However you need to be careful and only choose to be a member of a syndicate with people that you know well. Plus in some cases to help ensure that no one gets cheated out of their winnings set up some rules and even write them down and ask everyone to sign an agreement that they will abide by these. There have been cases where a syndicate has one a large sum of money only for certain members not to receive their part of them because they hadn’t paid their weekly fee.

Another thing that you should consider doing if having problems as to what numbers you should be choosing to play the lottery with then visit websites where they generate the numbers for you. There are numerous sites like this including All you need to do is provide some basic information and then decide what types of numbers you wish the generator to select. In most cases people will tend to opt for the kinds of numbers that are drawn most frequently. However it would still be worth selecting a set of numbers for a particular lottery such as “Mega Millions” that is based on those that haven’t appeared at all often.

When it comes to the setting up of a syndicate again there are numerous places online that can help you to do so correctly. Plus of course why not visit sites such as that has forums where you can discuss such matters. There are sure to be plenty of people who can provide you with good advice that will help to ensure that your syndicate is set up in a way that everybody who is a member feels comfortable.

Of course when it comes to choosing the numbers for your syndicate that are hopefully going to help you win the big prize you need to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes that others have made previously. Below we take a look what these types of mistakes are going to be.

Mistake 1 – Don’t Rely On Luck Alone

This is of course the biggest mistake that people will often make when it comes to choosing numbers that may win them the lottery. Although there are a few people who have been extremely lucky when it comes to winning the lottery jackpot but in relation to the millions who play these games each week around the world the number is extremely small.

What you need to remember that this is a game of probabilities and so you need to make sure that the numbers you are choosing are ones that have a much increased chance of being drawn. The best way of selecting these numbers is by using a variety of different software programs now available that have proven successful for other lottery players. However, be wary as there are some programs around that don’t actually help you to achieve your dream of winning the big money but will instead provide you with numbers that have won for others previously.

Another way of course you could actually increase the chances of you having the winning numbers is through using a lucky number generator. There are numerous websites where such a facility is available including All you need to do is complete the form on their website and then let their program do the rest of the work. But whether you actually use the numbers that are then generated of course is up to you. Plus of course if you want you just complete the form again and it will provide you with a completely different set of generated numbers.

Mistake 2 – Don’t Think That Buying Lots of Lottery Tickets Will Improve Your Chances

It doesn’t matter whether you buy just one or ten tickets there is still a very slim chance that these will provide you with the numbers that result in you receiving the jackpot prize. It is important rather than investing lots of cash each week in buying the lottery tickets that you learn how to play the numbers instead.

By knowing how the numbers should be played means that you won’t need to invest so much each week in buying tickets that will hopefully have the lottery winning numbers on them. Again by visiting sites like they can provide you with advice on ways that can help you to select the kinds of numbers that as a result will provide you with a greater chance of you seeing some kind of return no matter how small on the money you have invested in purchasing tickets.

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